- Adolescent gynecology

- General and genitourinary gynecology and women's care

- Menopause care (including perimenopausal syndrome)

- Menstrual and menstrual-related disorders (including PMS, PMDD, PCOS,

- Excessive menstrual bleeding as well as other irregularities or abnormalities in cycle)

- Pelvic pain (including pelvic congestive syndrome)

- Bleeding (abnormal uterine bleeding)

- Breast health, Bone health (including osteoporosis, osteopenia)

- Contraception and family planning (including fertility referrals)

- Endometrial conditions (including endometriosis and uterine polyps)

- Gastrointestinal disorders , Barrett's Esophagus

- Minimally invasive gynecologic surgery (including permanent sterilization, endometrial ablation, cyst removal, hysterectomy, pelvic-floor muscle reconstruction,

- Ovarian cysts, Uterine fibroid care

- Sexual function care, Sexually transmitted diseases